Students travel in the wake of Vikings for Gaisce

A total of 57 transition year students from Athlone Community College recently participated in the Gaisce bronze award programme In the Wake of the Vikings at Baysports at Hodson Bay.

This innovative two-day programme sees students learn about Viking activity on Lough Ree and set off on a rowing expedition in a variety of vessels across Lough Ree just as the Vikings did, stopping off to visit some local heritage hotspots like Inch Mor island, before landing at Portlick Bay for a range of organised activities and challenges including orienteering, wall climbing, and learning skills required to set up camp. After a sleepout under the stars in the Arctic bell tents erected by the students themselves, next day saw the return by water to Baysports and some invigorating pier jumping among other activities.

The Baysports Gaisce programme enables participants to earn a bronze of silver award as determined and laid out by Gaisce and provides the opportunity to participate in a challenging, rewarding, and memorable adventure journey.

Baysports, located at Hodson Bay in Athlone is an ISA approved boat training and water activities centre, which offers a wide range of watersports activities and camps for all ages.

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