Optilase open evening

All you ever needed to know about being free of glasses

Optilase is Ireland’s leading eye clinic, with clinics nationwide including Galway’s Shop Street alongside sister company Therapie Clinic.

Optilase will host a one-off open evening on Thursday March 7 from 4.30-8pm, offering you the chance to learn about laser eye surgery and being free of glasses, contact lenses, and reading glasses, thanks to the revolutionary new Kamra and Presbia treatments.

Take the opportunity to ask everything you always wanted to ask. Does it really not hurt? What does it feel like? Could I be suitable? Could I be brave enough?

The answer is ‘yes’, it is pain-free; the most common response from candidates is to wonder why they took so long to make the decision, and how pain-free and quick the procedure is!

Optometrist Catherine Henry will be on hand, along with past patients, to give you all the information you need and to dispel any myths around the straightforward, painless, life-changing treatment.

Picture the benefits of being free of glasses and contact lenses - being able to choose stylish sunglasses, not having to squint or suffer from glare and reflection on glasses, and not having to buy prescription lenses.

Optilase has introduced two revolutionary new treatments to eliminate the need for reading glasses. Francis Treanor, a barrister from Oranmore, was one of the first patients in the country to undergo the pioneering Presbia treatment at Optilase: “I can now read for hours without having to wear reading glasses, and critically without my eyes getting strained and tired. I’m so impressed and would recommend the treatment at Optilase without hesitation.”

Optilase offers access to world-leading surgeons, optometrists, and medical staff. One hundred per cent of patients achieve driving standard or better, and 96 per cent achieve 20/20 or better. Optilase uses only the safest, most precise, and most advanced technology in the world.

Talk to the experts at this one-to-one, obligation-free event on Thursday March 7 from 4.30-8pm at Optilase, Shop Street, Galway. To RSVP or for further information, phone 1890 301 302, or see www.optilase.com


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