Be a DJ for the night

Are you the type to make a few choice remarks about the DJ’s choice of music on a night out? Do you scoff when you see CDs? Or wish you could show off your mixing talents to all and sundry?

Well fear not. You can now put your music where your mouth is thanks to the lovely folk at The Prince Bar, Athlone. Pop down to The Prince every Sunday night from 9pm where you can claim your five minutes of DJ fame. The bar is offering everyone a chance to be a DJ for a night, all you have to do is send a demo to [email protected] and wait your turn.

Their music policy is laid back, from soul to funk, deep house to garage, hip hop to house grooves, and DJs get the chance to play a selection of their favourite tracks whether vinyl or CD.

So bring your friends, sit back, and enjoy some quality music every Sunday night from 9pm at The Prince.


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