YUMI Lashes now available at Mingala Day Spa

For many women, longer, fuller eyelashes are a dream that can only be achieved through the painstaking use of mascara, eyelash curlers, or false eyelashes, so anything that promises to naturally boost the lashes without resorting to these techniques is certainly worth a try.

Mingala Day Spa in Athlone are now offering the very latest in eyelash treatment, YUMI Lashes, and I popped in last week to give this revolutionary treatment a go.

YUMI Lashes is an advanced technique designed to boost and lift the lash, a powerful alternative to false lashes that enhances your own natural beauty and colouring. A range of tints are available which will complement any complexion.

Instead of a traditional perm that simply curves your lashes, YUMI Lashes turns the eyelashes upwards, gives them length, height, and volume. Mingala therapist Kathleen tells me that women who have the YUMI Lashes treatment are often asked if they are wearing false eyelashes.

My treatment started with my eyes being cleansed in order to remove surface material on the lashes. A mould was then placed around my lashes, and my lashes separated over the mould so that each lash could be identified. This took about 10 minutes per eye so that even the tiny lashes got attention.

The lash perm liquid was then applied to each individual lash and the lashes were left to set for five minutes each. Eyelash tint was then applied to each lash to make my eyelashes darker so that they stand out better on my face. The mould was then removed and a light covering of oil was used to wipe away any excess tint.

My eyelashes instantly appeared more defined, longer, and had a lovely curl just at the tip. My new eyelashes looked like I had just been given eyelash extensions, but they were my very own lashes looking back at me in the mirror.

The treatment takes 45 minutes and is very comfortable. The YUMI Lashes effect lasts between eight and 12 weeks, which is the natural lifecycle of an eyelash, and the treatment costs only €50.

For further information or to book an appointment, contact Mingala Day Spa at Shamrock Lodge Hotel on (090 ) 6477770.


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