Arm break accident will cost €2,000 to facilitate man’s return to Oz

A man who ejected a woman from a party after she slapped him in the face, but broke her wrist in doing so, was ordered to find €2,000 in compensation by the end of March in order to avoid a conviction.

The District Court heard how Aisling O’Rourke attended at the home of Evan Owens (22 ) at Roslevin Lawns, Athlone in the early hours of May 9 where a number of friends had gathered.

“The defendant started slagging the injured party about her recently deceased grandfather, and so she slapped him,” explained Inspector Nicholas Farrell for the prosecution.

“He asked her to leave the party, and when they got there he threw her out the door where she fell and fractured her wrist,” he continued.

“It’s very likely it wasn’t malicious, and the consequences were not anticipated,” noted Judge Seamus Hughes.

When she gave her evidence, Ms O’Rourke accepted she had been drinking, and that she had slapped Owens, but that: “I was lifted up and thrown to the ground”.

“We were very good friends but we don’t talk any more. I don’t want to hold a grudge, but at the end of the day I don’t think I can be friendly with someone who behaved like that,” she told the judge.

Owens’ solicitor, Mr Donal Keigher, explained how his client had returned from Australia to complete his carpentry apprenticeship and deal with this case.

He told the judge that Owens - who has no previous convictions - wanted to return to Australia, and would find that difficult with a conviction. He offered €500 by way of compensation.

“Go back to Australia and earn the dollars. I want €2,000 as an ex gratia payment of remorse to that girl,” said Judge Hughes, and he offered the defendant 12 months to raise this.

However, Owens said he could manage this sooner, so the judge gave him until March 27 to bring this sum to court in order to avail of the Probation Act.



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