Westmeath spends €16,730 on gifts to support families overseas

People from Westmeath spent €16,730 on gifts for the world’s poorest people last Christmas, that is according to overseas development agency, Trócaire. The charity thanked the people of Co Westmeath for remembering families in need overseas when planning their Christmas shopping, as it launched its 2012 Christmas gift range.

Justin Kilcullen, executive director of Trócaire said: “Last year the people of Westmeath added chickens, goats, school fees, and other unusual items to their Christmas shopping lists to support people struggling to survive in developing countries. We are incredibly grateful for this tremendous goodwill and thank everyone from Westmeath for the massive difference they are making to so many lives.

“By kindly buying our ethical gifts, people in Westmeath are creating real turning points for families living as far away as Somalia and Zimbabwe. Money earned by simply breeding chickens for example, helps parents earn enough to give their children an education, and with that, opportunities for the future.”

This year’s Trócaire Gifts of Change range includes chickens for families in Malawi (€5 ), solar lamps for Ugandan families (€10 ), olive trees for Palestinian farmers (€20 ), school fees for children in Zimbabwe (€30 ), goats for families in Malawi (€50 ), bicycles for HIV/AIDS support workers in Zimbabwe (€70 ), maternal healthcare for women in Somalia and Guatemala (€100 ), water for communities worldwide (€150 ), and cows for families in the Democratic Republic of Congo (€200 ).

Each gift includes a colourful Christmas card containing information about the purchased gift to pass on to a friend or family member.

Trócaire Gifts of Change are on sale on trocaire.org or by calling 1850 408 408.


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