Councillors call for Moate playground to be relocated

Moate councillors are calling for the town’s playground to be moved from its Clara Road location to a more suitable location for children.

Cllr Frankie Keena said the playground is “in a very secluded location and off the beaten track”, and that he would like it to be relocated to a more populated area.

Cllr Tom Allen suggested the playground be moved to the green area opposite Barty O’Connor’s shop, adjacent to the Clara Road, an area of land owned by the council.

“When the playground was put in place there were designs to develop the area with a park, football pitch, and houses overlooking the park, which would have been ideal, but this didn’t happen. But we are where we are, and the playground is not in a suitable spot. It is being vandalised, and there is antisocial behaviour there, and no proper lighting.

“The other area is close to the main road, and is an ideal location to let children play in full view,” he added.

Director of services Hugh O’Reilly told councillors that the playground was provided in 2006 when there were different objectives for the area.

“We had envisaged housing there, which would have increased security. It would be desirable to move the playground, but the only issue is funding. The first step is to cost it, and the second step is identifying a proposed location.”

However Cllrs John Dolan and Tom Allen felt that due to the fact that the equipment was already there, and the land at the proposed location is already in the ownership of the council, the costings should be reduced considerably.

“It’s unfair that the facility is being used for antisocial behaviour. There is no point having a playground children are afraid to use,” added Cllr Dolan.



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