Hopi Ear Candling at Whelehans

Whelehans Pharmacy strive to offer their customers access to a diverse range of complementary services. They have added Hopi Ear Candling to that range, a pleasant non-invasive treatment that relieves conditions in the head and ear area.

Their latest offering will be of particular benefit to those suffering from sinus and ear problems. To help, they offer a full treatment with a trained consultant in their private treatment room.

The candle creates a mild suction which lets the vapours gently massage the eardrum and auditory canal. Once the candle is placed in the ear it forms a seal which enables wax and other impurities to be drawn out of the ear.

There is evidence of their effectiveness in the treatment of many ear and throat conditions including compacted ear wax, sinus problems, hayfever, migraine, ear aches, pain and congestion of the ear due to flying or diving, tinnitus, and snoring. There is growing evidence that ear candling can relieve symptoms; however like any alternative treatment, it should not be seen as a substitute to medical assessment and treatment. Ear candling can complement conventional treatment. In addition, Hopi Ear Candling is a very relaxing experience and is often used to relieve stress.

Whelehans’ Hopi Ear Candling service is on Wednesdays and costs €35 for a 45-minute appointment. You will also get a head massage included for this price. Call Whelehans for more information or to make a booking.

Whelehans Pharmacy is located at 38 Pearse Street, Mullingar (opposite the Greville Arms Hotel ). Call (044 ) 9334591, see www.whelehans.ie or find Whelehans on Facebook.


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