Increase in points for 60 per cent of AIT courses

There has been an increase in points for 30 of the 50 programmes offered by Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT ) through the CAO, with some 15 courses increasing by 25 points or more.

While many of the increases are in science and engineering, the trend is also apparent across the faculties of business and humanities.

Three new honours degrees in the areas of health and sport science have scored highly with points above 350 in each case: audiology - 405, health science with nutrition - 375, and sports therapy with rehabilitation - 365. There has also been an increase in the points for the two nursing degrees; general nursing jumped 15 points to 415, while psychiatric nursing increased to 395.

In engineering, points for computing courses have increased, with a jump of 45 points for the higher certificate in electronics and computer engineering. The computer network management degree increased by 25 points, while two honours degrees in software engineering game and web development increased by 15 and 25 points to 310 and 315 respectively. Mechatronics, which combines mechanical and electronics engineering, jumped 70 points to 255. Civil and construction engineering also showed some significant increases, with a 90-point rise for the sustainable construction degree to 270.

In business, AIT’s honours degree in accounting gained 35 points to 295, while the joint honours degree in business and law increased to 270 points, up from 255 in 2011. A new higher certificate in social media marketing launched at 160 points.

In humanities, the points for programmes in social care remained broadly in line with 2011, with the higher certificate in applied social studies dropping five points to 310, while the honours degree in social care practice gained 10 points to 340. Culinary arts increased to 200 points, up from 155, while bar supervision gained 35 points to 170. Both design degrees increased significantly in points, with the honours degree in visual communications up by 330 points to 795 and the ordinary level degree up by 65 points to 530. Applicants to both of these combine their Leaving Certificate points with marks for a design portfolio.

Applicants have up to this Monday August 27 to accept their round one offer through the CAO.



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