HSE rubbish rumours of St Vincent’s closure

The HSE manager for the region, Joe Ruane has confirmed that St Vincent’s Hospital will not be closing.

Speaking at the April monthly meeting of Athlone Town Council this week, Mr Ruane said that St Vincent’s Hospital is “absolutely safe”.

His comments came at a presentation to the council of the HSE’s 2012-2017 strategy for Athlone. He said he understood that there were concerns that the hospital did not have enough beds to be kept open;however Mr Ruane reasssured members that his staff were running an efficient unit and there was no need to worry about it closing.

He added that he didn’t know where the rumours of the hospital’s closure came from but that they were totally unfounded.

Mr Ruane was at the council meeting to speak about the new health plan created by the HSE, which is currently being finalised and will be given to councillors soon.

He said that it was a long and detailed plan that looked into the HSE’s strategy for the area in dept but did not look at any actual health programmes.


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