Honda dealers get new HART technology

Honda’s new HART technology

Honda’s new HART technology

This story can hardly be described as the glamour side of motoring but nonetheless, it is more important today than ever before, because of the vastness of electronics in a modern car.

Honda Advanced Repair Technology (HART ), the latest diagnostic technology now available at all authorised Honda dealers, has been designed to assist aftersales technicians in communicating and upgrading software on Honda vehicles in a fast and efficient manner.

Honda tells us that HART provides their technicians with a seamless integration of troubleshooting with the on board vehicle diagnostic systems. This not only improves efficiency but also first time repair, resulting in even higher customer satisfaction.

The HART diagnostic tool has been designed around the tried and tested Panasonic Toughbook lap top and the system utilizes wireless communication with the vehicle.

This all new Honda Diagnostic system is very powerful and fits perfectly into the customer-driven Honda vision of First Right Repair making it even easier for Honda technicians to diagnose and resolve technical issues in a fast and efficient manner.

In summary, Honda says that their advanced repair technology has been brought to market by Honda to complement the latest vehicle technology and ensure that the best possible diagnostic and repair methods are available to all authorised Honda dealers to provide a first-class service to all Honda owners.


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