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Worldwide trend predictions for 2012 are that people are going to start taking greater responsibility for their health via nutritional means. 2011 saw a major shift back to quality food with families and individuals growing their own vegetables and herbs and small food producers thriving. In fact, high quality foods emerged as one of the big success stories of the past year. Consumers are once again viewing food for its medicinal qualities as well as its taste value.

Further predictions for 2012 include a focus on more simple eating and local ‘super-foods’, ie highly nutritious foods that are grown or produced locally as opposed to foods that are transported thousands of miles and perhaps have very little nutritional quality remaining by the time they reach our plates. Take locally produced raw honey for example, one of the world’s healthiest foods but poles apart from the majority of what is mass-produced and on sale very cheaply on shelves all over the country; to avail of its medicinal and immune-boosting content it is important to get honey made from bees kept in a location close to where you live.

What we eat has an amazing impact on our mental and physical health. Every organ and system in the human body from the brain to the musculo-skeletal system is built from nutrients and relies on nutritious food in order for it to function properly, which helps us understand the difference we feel when we eat processed food as opposed to fresh, home-cooked food. Our food is our only fuel. The brain alone is an extremely hungry organ, requiring 25 per cent of the body’s glucose supply when it is just at rest and increasing by up to 50 per cent during activity. In addition, the dry weight of the brain is comprised of 60 per cent fat, highlighting the need for quality nutrition and in particular good fats in the diet.

Lynda McFarland at Athlone Nutrition Clinic in Garden Vale gives individual consultations for conditions nutritionally related to physical and mental health.

Nutritious cookery classes: everyday favourites made healthier - starting in February.

Athlone Nutrition Clinic will host an evening workshop with Dr Dilis Clare on Thursday February 9 in ‘Natural Remedies for Everyday Health’.

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