Hot or Not of 2011


RWC 2011 -

We might not have won the Rugby World Cup, but we did beat Australia. And we got to see Tommy Bowe and Dan Carter run about in shorts. Win-win!

Wills and Kate -

You can’t beat a fairytale wedding. Even if Beatrice and Eugenie looked dire.

The General Election -

Say what you will. It brought us months of entertainment. Can we have one every year, please?

Festival of Fires -

The new must-attend festival of the summer. See you there next year!


Slane -

Too expensive, bad sound, lots of people puking in public. We’ll take the O2/Olympia/The Stables any day.

Summer -

Those damp few months in the middle of the year weren’t exactly hot now were they?

Giving up -

The Government lost three Cabinet members since coming into power this March. So should we all throw in the towel when the going gets tough?

Mean people -

Just stop it. Stop. It. Being nasty to others isn’t going to solve problems. Neither is getting angry and calling names, saying nasty things, and generally being rude. Grow up! (Rant over )



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