The allergy test that could solve all your problems

A simple food intolerance or allergy could be the cause of your recurring symptoms. One thing to note about intolerances is that it can take 24 to 48 hours for physical symptoms to appear. When you get this delayed response it can be very difficult to track what the culprit food or foods are.

A classic symptom is bloating. Your digestive system is not digesting a particular food; instead it is fermenting in your system causing stomach and bowl problems. This is a major cause of bloating, wind, constipation, and diarrhoea.

Once the food is identified you need to use alternative foods for about 12 weeks and usually some form of detoxing is required to get the system back on track. The same can be true for any type of recurring problem in the body, such as recurring chest infections.

The Amber Centre looks at toxicity build-up, which you can then eliminate through detoxes. One of the major causes of low energy is toxicity build-up in the body. By doing a simple detox you can rejuvenate your energy, making you feel years younger and on top of things once more.

The Amber Centre have developed hair sample testing to facilitate clients from all over the country, and can post out a hair collection pack. Email [email protected] or text Hair Test followed by your name, address, and phone number to (087 ) 9060021. The test costs €80, and results will be posted directly to you.

Here’s what one client has to say:

“Over the last six to seven years I was suffering with painful bloating in my stomach. The discomfort would continue for hours. I saw an advertisement for Amber Clinic. I decided to try them out and see what they could do for me as the list of food I could eat was getting smaller. I could not eat anything spicy, greasy,or sweet food as they were upsetting my stomach. I sent off a hair sample and I got my results very promptly. Alma sent me some drops to take daily. From the beginning of taking the drops I could feel the improvements. Within a few weeks I was back eating the foods I was off slowly. Three months on and all is going great, my energy levels also picked up and no more bloating or pain. Big thanks to Alma for all her help.” - Seamus M Gorry, Co Cavan.

The Amber Centre is based at 75 Marlinstown Park, Mullingar. Call (044 ) 9344388 or (087 ) 9060021, or visit


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