Learn antenatal hypnotherapy

Pregnancy and birth should be a joyful, calm process, which comes naturally, but many mothers-to-be fear the experience might be uncomfortable, scary, painful, or complicated.

By teaching pregnant women relaxation and self-hypnosis Marta Slupska (MICHP ) believes she can help them to overcome morning sickness, headaches, and other ailments in pregnancy as well as fear and tension that can cause a long and painful labour, replacing these with a sense of confidence and inner peace. With the use of hypnosis you can go through this experience smoothly and comfortably.

Furthermore pain and discomfort can be reduced to a minimum or completely eliminated. If there is a need for pain relief, a reduced amount of medication is effective.

Marta offers a free introductory consultation with no obligation by appointment only.

Each person receives individual, client-centred and client-tailored treatment as everyone is unique.

Marta will also be hosting workshops for expectant mothers in the coming weeks,

For more information call (085 ) 7825536 or log on to www.analyticalhypnotherapy.com

Antenatal Hypnotherapy, Phoenix Yoga Studio, 12B Mullingar Medical Park, Market Point, Mullingar.


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