New stylish Subaru XV compact crossover

Subaru gave a world premiere to the European version of their new Subaru XV at the Frankfurt Motor Show last week. The XV takes Subaru into the compact crossover segment for the first time, where combining style but with functionality is key. In this highly competitive segment, Subaru say that the XV will offer something different, and will bring a new level of engineering excellence.

Certainly the XV, is a distinctive crossover and the Japanese carmaker told us that it comes complete with their trademark driving dynamics, but also combined with high level of functionality and fuel efficiency.

The XV is a new type of crossover design that combines a stylish, dynamic form with a high body and side cladding to enhance the sense of functionality associated with an SUV.

Equipped with a hexagonal grille and hawk eye headlights, these design features emphasise the unique identity of the newest Subaru cars, while the striking and innovatively designed alloy wheels and cut-away cladding give the XV its sporting appearance.

The XV’s interior provides a spacious and roomy passenger compartment, as well as a cargo area that is both spacious and convenient to use.

The door opening dimensions have been enlarged and the seating position allows much easier ingress and egress. And once seated behind the steering wheel, you notice the large multi-function display which is highly visible in the upper middle section of the instrument panel. Higher specification models should get a large 4.3 inch full-colour screen equipped with advanced infotainment such as eco-driving display and vehicle information display. Overall, there is a feeling of quality as well as spaciousness in the cabin of the new XV.

The XV is part of the Impreza family but there is one very notable difference - the increased ground clearance from 5.7 inches on the regular Impreza hatchback to 8.6 inches for the XV. This compares more closely with a Subaru Outback which has 8.7 inches clearance.

The new, third generation Subaru Boxer engine, introduced this year with a totally new design, is installed in 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre petrol models. Along with the usual merits that horizontally-opposed engines inherently possess, this engine has improved fuel efficiency and exhaust performance. Together with the adoption of the new Lineartronic (CVT ), a newly developed Auto Start System, the fuel efficiency was further improved.

A heavily revised version of Subaru’s Boxer Diesel, which was specially developed for the European market, is also featured in the XV line-up.

Making use of the inherent advantages of chain-driven CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission ) such as lightness, compactness, superior fuel efficiency and wide ratio coverage, Subaru says that it successfully developed a new CVT for the XV for improved environmental friendliness and drivability.

Subaru also point out that fuel efficiency will be further improved through Subaru’s advanced new stop-start system, which features a newly developed “change of mind control” function to enable smooth restart within only 0.2 seconds of stopping.

Subaru Ireland will preview the Subaru XV to customers in November with pre-selling, and first deliveries mid January 2012. They tell me that retail prices and Irish specifications are to be announced shortly.


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