Probation service saves leaky garda basher from jail

A man who assaulted three gardaí after being arrested for urinating in the street avoided a jail sentence in the District Court this week (September 7 ) because of a favourable probation report, but will still have to do 150 hours of community service.

The court heard how Lee Jones (20 ) of Millbank, Clonown Road, Athlone was arrested on the night October 24, 2010 after being caught in the act behind a bin on Lloyds Lane, and after telling them all to “F**k off”, and that they were “all pigs”, punched and kicked at least three officers in the Garda station before being subdued.

Jones’s solicitor, Padraig Quinn, told the court that his client had no recollection of the incident because “he was extremely intoxicated at the time”.

“Yes Mr Quinn. That’s usually what makes people urinate on the street in the first place,” said Judge Seamus Hughes.

Probation officer Alma Gavin handed in a previously ordered report and Judge Hughes noted it was “positive”.

“I must give him credit for that,” said the judge.

Mr Quinn informed the court how his client had not come to Garda attention since, was attending anger management classes, but that he had still an outstanding assault charge against a female “which pre-dates this”.

Judge Hughes asked Ms Gavin if she worked with Athlone Town Council.

“I think he should have the bins around the town spic and span if he’s going to be urinating against one,” he declared, before asking Ms Gavin to look into this.

Jones was given 150 hours of community service and fined €250.



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