Traditional herbal remedies

Creator of Nature’s Balm - The Rub, Dorrie Killeen, offers a selection of old traditional remedies for some common complaints

Anti-ageing: porridge, wheat-germ, yoghurt, fish, liver, spinach, garlic, carrots, avocados, cucumber, pineapple, nuts and seeds, vegetable juice daily.

Allergies: echinacea to boost immune system, for dust allergies co-enzyme Q10, foods rich in vitamin C and B vitamins expecially B5, for example brown rice, nuts and seeds, wholegrains, oats, molasses, seaweed, brewers yeast, plenty of fruit and green leafy vegetables.

Arthritis: Yarrow and dandelion tea or tinctures, sulphur, molasses, cider vinegar and seaweed, foods rich in calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D. Take evening primrose oil. Massage joints with Nature’s Balm - The Rub.

Coughs: Slice a turnip, sprinkle four tablespoons of brown sugar over turnip, cover and leave overnight. Take a couple of spoonfuls of the syrup often.

Bad breath: chew parsley often, eat natural yoghurt with stewed apple and eat pumpkin seeds or put on your cereal - porridge is best. Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of zinc.

Migraine: Tip of a spoon of cayenne pepper in a mug of boiling water. When cool, sip often, and massage The Rub on the temples and back of neck.

High blood pressure: Put the following into your diet - melons, apples with skins, seaweed, garlic, onions, green leafy vegetables, brown rice, and wholegrain bread.

Bronchitis: Garlic and onions, foods rich in vitamin C, essential fatty acids as in salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines. Rub Nature’s Balm - The Rub on the chest.

Leg ulcers: Apply honey or make a poultice of boiled parsnips and apply. Put seaweed and arnica into your diet.

For further information contact Dorrie Killeen at (090 ) 9683616 or visit

The Rub is available locally from McGorisks, Honey Pot, Cooneys, Cunninghams, and Concannons Pharmacies in Athlone; Brodericks and Hollys Pharmacies, Ballinasloe; Whelehans Pharmacy and Nuts & Grains Health Shop in Mulllingar; McManus Pharmacy, Clara; and O’Briens Pharmacy, Roscommon.


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