Big steps for little feet - making the move to playschool

Making the transition from staying home with mum, dad, or a carer to spending the day in a crèche or playschool is a big step for young children, but there are lots of things you can do to help your little one adapt to this new routine.

Many children find the move from home to crèche a thoroughly enjoyable one, and it’s not unusual for parents to find the experience more upsetting for them than for their child.

Put your own mind at ease by visiting the creche and speaking to staff. Ask any questions you have about daily routines, facilities, nap times, and discipline policies. Check what childcare and regulatory bodies the facility is registered with.

Next, bring your little one to meet the staff and children at the facility. While most children will be enthusiastic about the prospect of crèche, some will have concerns and you need to address these. Answer any questions your little one may have and if you don’t know the answers, reassure your child that you will ask the staff.

The best way to introduce a child to a new routine is gradually, and it is a good idea for your child’s first day in crèche to be a short one, if at all possible. Children quickly adapt to crèche, and toddlers love the social and creative aspects of the daily playschool routine, so even if there are tears on day one, rest assured your little one will soon settle in and enjoy his or her time in crèche.


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