Top foods to include when exercising

Gerry Duffy, who just won the Deca Ironman Challenge (that’s a 3.8km swim, a 180km cycle, and a 42km marathon every day for 10 days ) told me at an event in Athlone recently that he swears by a mixture of manuka honey, sea-salt, and water as an alternative to sugary energy drinks and gels. Here is a similar recipe:

Homemade sports drink

1 pint of clean filtered water (cold but not icy )

Pinch of sea-salt (or one-eighth of a teaspoon )

Squeeze of fresh lime or lemon

1 tsp of raw honey

A little fresh grated ginger (or a pinch of ground ginger )

This mixture is not only nourishing but also anti-inflammatory, rehydrating, energy boosting, and helps replenish electrolytes without any refined sugar; so great to take after a run or work-out.

In addition, the following are a list of nutritional super-foods which you would do well to include in your dietary regime.

Wheatgrass - Wheatgrass is a renowned energy food as it is loaded with active enzymes and chlorophyll. Chlorophyll aids in the transport of oxygen to our cells thus improving our aerobic function and the enzymes work to ensure all the nutrients are broken down and absorbed by the body. Athletes who aren’t used to taking wheatgrass often notice an improvement in their training and performance and in particular, in quicker recovery times. Wheatgrass is powerful at detoxifying and removing blockages in the body - thus leading to a better functioning system. It is also loaded with easily assimilated amino acids and minerals which help build and rebuild muscles and tissues. For more information log on to or phone Rory Doyle on (086 ) 8102143 for a list of local stockists or delivery.

Ginger - Anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, adrenal supporting, helps prevent muscle spasms; use in smoothies and juices.

Bananas - High potassium and magnesium content.

Avocados - Good fats.

Fresh berries - Antioxidants.

Cinnamon - Blood sugar balancing.

Oats - A great source of complex slow-releasing carbohydrates and fibre.

By Lynda McFarland at Athlone Nutrition Clinic - log on to or phone (090 ) 6470897 for information or to make an appointment.



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