Get the right footwear for the great outdoors

Outdoor Sports Mullingar explains the importance of getting the right footwear for your next big adventure

Outdoor footwear comes in a confounding array of styles and options. Whether you are looking to purchase your first pair of boots or shoes, or if you are a seasoned walker, there are a number of features that will help to identify the ideal sort of footwear for you.

There are three main types of footwear:

1- MPS or multi purpose shoe for general day walks

2- Mid shoes for light trekking

3- Boots, high supporting for extended treks or rough terrain

The vast majority of shoes, mids, and boots will be waterproof and breathable keeping your feet dry and reducing sweating. When looking at footwear always look for the waterproof or Gore-Tex tag to ensure they will do the job. Fit is extremely important as a mis-sized boot can cause problems such as sore arches, sore soles, and blistering if your foot is moving or slipping. Always try and wear a walking sock while trying on new footwear, a good sock can make a huge difference in comfort and warmth depending on conditions.

Specialist retailers like Outdoor Sports Mullingar can quickly identify the type of footwear most suited to you and your activities and can get you burning up those walks, trails, or mountains. They are stockists of Meindl, Brasher, Columbia, and The North Face footwear. Meindl pride themselves as being a family business making footwear for several generations in the foothills of the Austrian Alps.

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