New motorway equipment to improve safety

In order to improve the safety of road maintenance crews and road users, Westmeath County Council has acquired new motorway traffic management equipment worth €160,000. This includes a new impact protection vehicle and three new mobile lane closure trailers.

The impact protection vehicle consists of a new 18-tonne DAF truck fitted with a specially designed traffic management body. This body incorporates cone and sign storage, low level ‘cone wells’ for the safe setting out of road cones, and a rear facing sign board and flashing light arrow. A crash cushion is mounted at the rear which is designed to absorb the impact should an errant vehicle collide with it.

The three mobile lane closure trailers are fitted with interchangeable signage and flashing beacons. These are designed to be used in conjunction with the impact protection vehicle for carrying out lane closures on motorway-type roads. When this equipment is not in use on motorways it can be used on other classes of road where necessary.

The equipment was designed and constructed in Ireland by Swords Traffic Management Vehicles who supply a range of purpose-built vehicles to the traffic management industry in both Ireland and England.

The new motorway traffic management equipment, which cost €160,000, was funded by the NRA, and will be brought into operation immediately.

Westmeath County Council is responsible for the maintenance of over 80km of motorway-type roads, the M4 and M6, which pass through the county.

Motorways accommodate large volumes of vehicles travelling at high speeds. In the interests of road safety it is vital that the council’s maintenance and emergency response crews receive special training and are equipped with suitable traffic management vehicles and equipment.


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