Healthy eating can make you ill!

In his recent documentary on RTÉ, Philip Boucher-Hayes asked the question “What’s Ireland Eating?” and pointed out that in striving to fill our shopping trolleys with healthy food, we are unwittingly buying food that isn’t as healthy as we think, and is making us ill.

Our question to you is, do you know what to eat? The saying ‘One man’s medicine is another man’s poison’ has never been truer than in this modern age, where increasing numbers of us cannot digest certain foods and people suffer with continual stomach and bowel problems, headaches and skin problems, or chronic tiredness and obesity, often for many years without respite.

What is important to know is that these kinds of chronic discomforts can be triggered by delayed food allergies or intolerances. While allergies will usually immediately cause a rash or swelling, a delayed intolerance can trigger a reaction up to 72 hours after eating. Intolerances can trigger inflammation reactions where certain antibodies are created, which can be the cause of chronic health problems including migraines, aching joints, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, eczema, hyperactivity/ ADD, asthma, and even obesity.

The dramatic rise in food intolerances and allergies has created a demand for solutions to disease prevention and personal health maintenance. If you are concerned about being overweight, have stomach and bowel problems, or migraine or energy problems related to your diet and want help and support, contact NuTron Advanced Clinic for a personalised consultation.

With sophisticated individual analyses, a quick blood test (results after 10 days ) can quickly identify the presence and frequency of inflammation-causing antibodies related to over 200 different foods, helping you to make more informed food choices for you and your family. Their professional nutritional counsellors will design an individual recipe book and provide nutritional counselling, targeting the cause of your complaints rather than treating the symptoms, strengthening your immune system, and preventing chronic inflammatory illnesses.

To identify the food you can digest and the food you have a problem with, contact NuTron Advanced Clinic, Market Point, Mullingar at (087 ) 6490530 or (044 ) 9344375.



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