Goodbye wrinkles...hello fillers and relaxers!

When it comes to ageing, we all know that prevention is always better than cure. No matter how many anti-ageing creams you have at home, the only way to completely get rid of that deep frown line or those crow’s feet around the eyes is with anti-wrinkle muscle relaxers.

Without undergoing a surgical facelift, anti-wrinkle muscle relaxers and fillers give the most superior and non-invasive results available. This muscle relaxant is quick, easy, and has very little to no downtime. The results are visible within a couple of days and give a fresh smooth appearance to the skin without anyone knowing you have had a procedure done.

The advantages of this go without saying; it eliminates lines, has no long-term side effects, rejuvenates the face, and is non-surgical, but the added bonus is that with continued use, it will also prevent wrinkles from forming in the future.

To combat the effects of gravity and take away years from your appearance, call Therapie Clinic today on 1890 650 750 to book your appointment, or find them located at Fifth Avenue, Austin Friars Street, Mullingar.


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