Holistic & Psychic Health Fair for Bloomfield

A Holistic & Psychic Health Fair will be held in the Bloomfield Hotel, Mullingar this on Sunday May 8.

This fair is a must-see for anyone who likes to experience something a little different. At the fair you will see the most comprehensive profile of alternative health and living options offered in Ireland today. You will find only the best in progressive therapies, as well as spiritual and self-development options.

The fair aims to promote healthy living in the full sense, providing a fantastic opportunity to experience a vast range of holistic therapies and natural products.

At the fair you can try out the world-praised Tahitian noni juice. This totally natural juice is made from the noni fruit and has many health benefits. The juice is for sale on the day and you can also have a chat with a nutritionist who will answer all your questions.

If you are looking for spiritual guidance or are curious about what your future has in store for you, then come visit the fair’s psychics, and angel and tarot readers. They are carefully hand picked for their skill, honesty, and integrity to ensure they give you an inspirational reading and help guide you through your present and future life choices. Tea-leaf reader Mary will be there to read your tea leaves

You can experience all kinds of psychic alternatives at the fair from tarot to angel cards, palmistry, numerology, and astrology. Just turn up on Sunday and the readers will be happy to talk to you. Have you ever wanted to have your aura read? Come to the fair where an aura photographer will take a photo of your aura and read it to you, giving you a deeper insight into your spiritual wellbeing. Sample mini-treatments of Indian head massage, reflexology, bio-energy therapy, massage, and more will be available.

However if you just fancy doing some shopping, there will be angel gifts and lots of other products such as hand-made jewellery, candles, natural skincare, books, crystals, paintings, and more on sale.

So don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to benefit from the huge range of ancient and modern therapies and products at the fair on Sunday May 8. Admission is €5 and children are free. Doors open 11am to 6pm. All are welcome.

If you would like more information on holistic fairs or to book a table or stand, contact Geraldine on (087 ) 6730717, or email [email protected]. See www.holisticfairsireland.com or www.psychicfairsireland.com



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