Yorkshire native Sean Rowland new head of JCI Galway

The 2011 President of Junior Chamber International (JCI ) Galway is Sean Rowland, Corporate Sales Manager for the Harbour Hotel and local pianist. JCI Galway is part of an international organisation focusing on leadership, entrepreneurship and active citizenship. JCI has a strong focus on creating young leaders, achieved by running many worthwhile projects which add to and enhance community life in Galway.

Mr Rowland aims to continue the success of JCI Galway by encouraging growth in its members, active citizenship and achievement of personal goals among members. There are also great opportunities for travel and training within JCI. This year members will travel to Spain for the European Convention and Brussels for World Convention.

Originally from Leeds, West Yorkshire in the UK, he moved to Galway in the summer of 2007 finally fulfilling a lifelong ambition to live in Ireland. Mr Rowland’s father hails from Crossmolina in Co Mayo and his grandfather (on his mother’s side ) is a native of Buncrana, Co Donegal, so it is fair to say his Irish roots go back a long way and that the west of Ireland is a home away from home.

He has worked in the hospitality industry most of his adult life and has been a member of the sales team at the Harbour Hotel for two and a half years.

“It was the General Manager of the Harbour Hotel, Geoff Kinsella who suggested I become involved with JCI and I have to say the hotel has been very supportive of my role and my rather quick succession to local branch president”.

He joined JCI Galway in January 2010 and availed of the many opportunities which, along with many other events, included working on JCI’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World award which which local girl Melanie Hennessy (discovered via Sean ) was awarded the title in Japan in November last year.

Mr Rowland was also on the committee involved in organising The Midsummer Melodies charity concert and moved on to co-chair the Galway Young Entrepreneur of the year awards 2010. He was awarded Most Outstanding Member last year and was given the prestigious prize of the President’s cup that originated in 1976.

Outside of the Harbour Hotel & JCI, Mr Rowland is no stranger to the public eye and can be heard playing the piano around Galway’s hotels and bars and if you were to conduct a little research, you may even come across his involvement with a UK solo artist named Mark Joseph and the success of four UK Top 40 hits some years back! Sean would have also been a keen Irish dancer (in his younger days ) winning 3rd place in the All Britain Championships in 1993. “My family have always encouraged me to work hard at everything I do so I believe this has put me in good stead for my year ahead with JCI Galway.”

He is looking forward to the challenges of 2011 and encourages all young people between 18 and 40 to join JCI Galway and get involved in the wide range of professional and social activities provided. Particularly in the current economic climate, the soft skills that are gained from involvement with JCI will stand to all members. “We open our doors to everyone and our advice is to join up, jump in and enjoy!”

“This year, JCI Galway will celebrate its 50th birthday and I am so proud and honoured to be president. I aim to reach out to even more businesses and organisations in Galway and look forward to our members reaping the benefits from these collaborations”.

For further information contact [email protected] or see www.jci-galway.org


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