Meat so good it gets the presidential seal of approval – twice

President Mary McAleese has become the newest and most high profile admirer of Castlemine Farms’ produce. President McAleese pre-ordered a rack of lamb for lunch in the local Abbey Hotel on her way through Roscommon town recently.

“Our meat must have made a memorable impression on her the first time (in the hotel ), for her to request it a second time,” says Brendan Allen, one of the two Allen brothers who own Castlemine Farm. “Her repeat business to Castlemine Farm is a fantastic endorsement for the Castlemine Farm brand, and getting a second presidential seal of approval is a great boost for business.

Castlemine Farm has been part of the Allen family legacy for over three generations, comprising over 250 acres, spanning several lush green fields from which their products get their unique taste. Speciality breeds of Irish, British, and Scottish cattle on the farm include Angus and Hereford breeds. The farm also boasts unique pig breeds including Saddlebacks, Gloucestershire Oldspots, and Tamworths. Castlemine Farms’ product range includes dry aged beef, and grass fed lamb, that is a true mark of the region’s farming strength. They also produce free-range traditional breed pigs from which their signature and much sought after sausages and rashers derive.

The Allen brothers’ Castlemine Farm brand is going from strength to strength. They are currently looking to expand nationwide, starting with a new shop in Galway which is a progression of their successes in Moycullen Country Market every Friday and Galway City Market every Saturday. The brothers also plan to open a further three shops in different locations nationwide over the next 12 months. This expansion is a timely and welcome addition to the local economy, as further new jobs will be created nationwide in various areas of the business. The Castlemine Farm brand has also expanded with the launch of their new delicious cooked food range. This new range will soon be available in their Castlemine Farm Shop in Roscommon town.

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