Frustration gets to judge

A judge threatened to “explode” with frustration in court this week (October 13 ) over further delays in a “black and white” road traffic case.

“Count to 10, Mr Quinn, and watch me explode,” said Judge Patrick Clyne to defence solicitor, Padraig Quinn, after the latter had sought an adjournment in the case of Iawcu Muntean (19 or 23 ), 121 Meadowbrook, Willow Park, who was summonsed for having no insurance when stopped by Garda Shane Kenna in Willow Park on December 10.

“Why is this getting a fourth, a fifth date? These are black and white matters. No insurance? You either have your certificate or you don’t,” said the judge.

Mr Quinn protested, saying his client had a family bereavement.

“I understand you’re just the messenger, Mr Quinn, but you’re the only one in my vision. How long do these bereavements take?,” continued Judge Clyne.

Mr Quinn could not offer an answer, so Judge Clyne grudgingly granted him his application and put the case back “to be finalised” on October 27.

It has not yet been established whether there is any connection between this defendant and Iawco Muntean (25 ), of 126, Meadowbrook, Willow Park, who was jailed for six months in the Circuit Court in July for misleading his defence team and the court whilst attempting to appeal the severity of a €200 fine and two year ban for driving without insurance after he was stopped by Garda Pauline McGhee in March 2009.


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