Irish Wheelchair Association 50th anniversary celebration rally for Glasson

IWA is holding a celebratory Disabled Drivers’ and Passengers Rally and hopes to gather over 50 drivers and passengers with disabilities to participate in the event. This is a national event with drivers and passengers coming together from all over Ireland.

The IWA Disabled Drivers’ Rally will be held on Saturday September 18, starting and finishing at the Shamrock Lodge Hotel in Athlone, Co Westmeath.

Contestants will follow directions over four stages, setting off from the starting point at minute intervals while maintaining a pre-set average speed. Points will be deducted from contestants if they finish the stage too early or too late. Average speed will be recorded and calculated at non-disclosed locations, as well as at the finishing line.

Prizes will be awarded in a number of categories, and will be presented at a function in the Shamrock Lodge that evening.

This is a unique opportunity for disabled drivers and disabled passengers to participate in a motoring competition with other disabled drivers and passengers, while also having lots of fun.

For further information please contact Niall McDonnell or Tony Mahe on (045 ) 893094, email [email protected], or log on to

IWA would like to acknowledge the generous support of Wheelchair Cars Ireland in sponsoring this event. Based in Glasson Village, Athlone, Wheelchair Cars Ireland can be contacted on (090 ) 6439786 / (087 ) 8400403 / (086 ) 2478629, email [email protected], or log on to


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