“Peace restored” to Grange after feud four arrested

The appearance of four Myers brothers arrested for alleged involvement in feud-related criminal damage to a family home in Grange last weekend saw two of them remanded in custody from Athlone District Court this week (June 23 ) after the alleged victim gave evidence she was “a prisoner in my own house” and couldn’t take her disabled son to school or to the shop.

Sergeant Paddy Guinan gave evidence how Edward Myers (22 ), 50 Grange Crescent was arrested on College Street, Mullingar on the morning of June 22, whilst his three brothers Patrick (26 ), 50, Farren, Ashe Road; Michael (20 ), 34 Grange Heights; and John Joe (18 ), 48 Grange Crescent were all arrested on the same date at their parents’ home at 48, Grange Crescent for their part in an alleged attack on a house in Ardilaun Green, Mullingar on Sunday.

Sergeant Guinan opposed bail for Edward as this alleged offence occurred whilst he was on bail from the District Court in Mullingar and it related to a feud in that part of the town.

“Tensions are very high in the Grange area at the moment,” he stated.

“There’s no doubt peace was restored yesterday evening when these gentlemen were arrested.”

He also told Judge Conal Gibbons that the alleged victim was in court and was willing to give evidence as to her predicament. Judge Gibbons, who had been previously discussing the difference between offences and charges committed whilst on bail and the lack of preventative detention legislation in Ireland with the defence solicitor and the prosecution, asked to hear the witness to help him decide.

The woman, who gave her name and address to the court, told the judge: “I’m living as a prisoner in my own house and I can’t bring my disabled son [whom she’d brought to court] to school or to the shop”. She went on to make a number of specific allegations which Edward Myers denied, saying he was at another given address.

“It was him. I live near him and I know him all my life. I saw him and I’m terrified of him,” said the witness.

Taking to the witness box, Edward Myers again denied his involvement and claimed he had four witnesses who could put him at this other address. However, when he admitted that none of the four were in court to confirm this under oath, Judge Gibbons felt: “In my considered view I should refuse bail,” and remanded Edward in custody to Cloverhill District Court on June 30.

Next up was his brother Patrick, for whom gardai also opposed bail. Sgt Guinan pointed out to the court that a condition of previous bail granted recently in Mullingar was that he stay away from Grange Crescent, where he was arrested on Tuesday.

“He was told not to be there and that’s where you found him?” asked Judge Gibbons.

“Yes, judge,” said the sergeant.

When asked why he was there, Patrick said he was visiting his parents because “Me mother had pains in her back”.

“Are you medically qualified?” asked the judge, and when Myers said no, he was remanded in custody to Cloverhill on the same date as his brother.

Following him on the stand was Michael, and though the witness made similar allegations of intimidation against him, Judge Gibbons allowed him a heavily conditioned bail and set the independent surety at €3,000.

Along with his youngest brother John Joe, for whom gardai did not object to bail, he was ordered to appear at Cloverhill District Court on June 30, alongside his two detained siblings.


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