Garrycastle collision prompts new calls for junction upgrade

A collision between two cars on the Garrycastle interchange, in which one person was injured, has led to renewed calls for the dangerous junction to be upgraded.

During rush hour on Wednesday morning, at approximately 8.30am, two cars collided on the interchange. One person received minor injuries, and there was traffic disruption as diversions remained in place for an hour.

The junction has long been recognised as treacherous for motorists, particularly those travelling from the Dublin direction, who wish to turn right when they come up the slip road off the bypass.

Cllr Paul Hogan was present at the scene of the accident, and has renewed calls for the council to upgrade and make safe the junctions on the R916 Cornamaddy Road at the Garrycastle interchange off the bypass.

Speaking following the incident, he said: “This is a very busy stretch of road at this time of the day particularly, with people travelling to school, college, and to work in the nearby industrial estates.

“Although there was no one seriously injured, I reiterate calls to upgrade these junctions as a matter of urgency. Previously there were plans to erect two roundabouts at each slipway approaching the R916. Now, the local authority is pursuing the provision of traffic lights at these junctions.

“This is a very busy junction with motorists, heavy goods vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. This proposed upgrade has being discussed for some time. This upgrade needs to happen now before there is someone seriously or even fatally injured. The provision of traffic lights at these junctions would greatly improve safety for all motorists and pedestrians and needs to happen now,” he said.

Cllr Hogan paid tribute to the emergency services who attended the scene, including two engines from the Athlone Fire Brigade, members of An Garda Siochana, and the Ambulance service.

They “were swift to arrive at the scene of the crash and made the scene safe for those involved and oncoming traffic. I wish to commend the members of all the emergency services for their work this morning,” he said.


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