Green revolution grows as Irish motorists choose low CO2 cars

While you can debate long into the night whether it is green environmental issues or greenback (money ) savings that are driving people into smaller and diesel and petrol cars, the fact is that it is happening.

Figures for the 2010 Irish car market show Ford is the brand leading the significant shift to greener, lower-CO2 producing vehicles. Nearly four out of every 10 Ford cars sold (39 per cent ) so far this year were models that fall into the lowest CO2 tax band A (120g/km or less ). This statistic compares with a full year 2009 total of 15 per cent of Ford car sales that were tax band A-rated.

The shift to lower CO2-producing models reflects the wider market situation. So far for 2010, sales of band A-rated models stand at 29 per cent of the total market; the figure for the same period in 2009 was just 10 per cent. Band A-rated cars attract the lowest rate of VRT at just 14 per cent and the lowest annual road tax of €104.

Eddie Murphy, chairman and managing director of Ford Ireland said: “These figures are a clear confirmation of a couple of things. Firstly, they show the positive impact which the scrappage scheme is having in boosting small car sales this year. And secondly, it shows the effects of the Government’s 2008 change in the VRT system which encouraged the purchase of cars with lower CO2 output.

“The leading position of Ford in this green revolution is great news for us. Our band A-rated models – Ka, Fiesta and Focus – are clearly finding favour with Irish motorists who are, more and more, looking for good value when they buy a new car. It is particularly heartening that our band A-rated diesel Focus 1.6 TDCi with just 118g/km of CO2 is Ireland’s top-selling model so far this year.”

Also commenting on the figures, SIMI director general, Alan Nolan said: “With Band A cars now representing almost a third of all new cars registered, we are already seeing the positive effects of scrappage. Consumers are experiencing both the environmental and economical benefits of making greener choices when it comes to buying a new car and with the scrappage scheme running for another nine months, we expect average CO2 emissions to fall again. This clearly vindicates the decision to introduce incentives for buying new environmentally friendly cars in last year’s Budget.”


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