It’s a season of new beginnings

Where will spring lead you? Why not travel the world while teaching others and making a difference along the way? There are big changes in the TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language ) world and availability of jobs in 2010.

Take advantage of the opportunity to revolutionise your life with a new beginning TEFLing abroad. Joseph Casey, a former Cork resident, found his dream job with help from TEFL spending six months in Yinchuan, China. “I heard that there was a high demand for jobs in China so it would be easy to find a job.” There is still a significant demand for individuals interested in travelling to teach English in 2010.

If you are searching for the course which will make you most employable and qualified to teach English overseas, the brand new, comprehensive 140-hour TEFL course is it! The course mixes an action-packed classroom course with intensive online TEFL training. It is designed to be the best choice for TEFL teachers as it provides the skills and knowledge required for travelling and teaching abroad.

Laura Graham from Dublin spent six months teaching in Ecuador. “Lesson plans are the most important part of my job, knowing what I’m going to teach and how to teach it is paramount to me.” The 140-hour course will give you a leading, internationally recognised TEFL certificate. i-to-i is an accredited trainer by the ODLQC (Open and Distance Learning Quality Council ). It could lead you to Ecuador, Czech Republic, China, Japan, or one of many other locations abroad.

“I have learned a lot about the people and culture of China and therefore have learned more about the world I live in,” said Joseph Casey. Why should you look to i-to-i when considering teaching English abroad? Their job placement services assure the best! Joseph revealed of his placement, “Accommodation is perfect; I was made to feel very welcome when I arrived. The school is clean, professional, and a pleasure to work in. I have experienced teaching a range of different students and teaching never gets boring!”

Laura expressed that her conditions were brilliant as well as her earnings, “The salary is excellent considering how low the cost of living is. I get paid more than enough to do whatever I want and I still have enough left over to save.”

Whether it’s fireworks and a band playing in the main square or hiking and rock climbing, you’re bound to experience a new way of life and make a difference in the lives of others by taking the TEFL option. Laura said it best: “You couldn’t really want any more”.

For more information on TEFL training courses or paid teaching jobs abroad contact one of i-to-i’s work and travel advisors on (058 ) 40050 or visit



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