Tone up in time for Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, many people are taking advantage of the Tone & Slim weight loss programme to tone up for the festive season. The Tone & Slim programme, run by Whelehans Pharmacy, Mullingar, has helped hundreds of Westmeath people lose weight over the last year. With just 14 weeks until Christmas, this is the time to start.

Free consultations

Ann at Whelehans Pharmacy explains; “We are delighted with the success of the programme over the last year. The programme is such a success because people get the support of a trained consultant who visits our store and gives clients one to one private consultations. I find that these consultations help keep people motivated and enable them achieve their desired weight. The beauty is that the consultations with the weight loss expert are free.”

Local results

Perhaps it is best to get the testimonials of local people who have successfully lost weight with Tone & Slim.

“With clinically proven products and free consultations it really is good value. That old saying is very true; ‘your health is your wealth’” - Larry, Collinstown.

“The support is fantastic. Getting the information and meeting with Alma, the Tone & Slim consultant, privately is just the best thing ever” - Fiona, Mullingar.

“I lost 4 stone in 12 weeks using the Tone and Slim. I got excellent support from the consultant at Whelehans, Alma. I now have more confidence and energy. I would definitely recommend it to anyone hoping to lose weight” - Susan, Mullingar.

Scientifically proven

Tone & Slim is a unique programme that combines the key elements to make the necessary changes to lifestyle, diet, and exercise that are required to control and maintain a healthy body mass. The programme was designed with a specific group in mind; people who had tried and failed in getting their weight under control through other programmes, the most common being calorie reduction diets, where daily calorie intake is reduced well below the recommended allowances. Recently published scientific research confirms once and for all that calorie reduction programmes alone do not work; they contribute to the yoyo dieting effect, where what you take off in muscle tissue you will put back on as body fat.

The Tone & Slim programme was developed to provide participants with a simple and easy to follow programme that incorporated three key elements for success; education, motivation, and support. Participants are given an individually designed course in nutrition which supports healthy eating, they are motivated to use the material that they are given to achieve their goals, and they are supported by trained consultants in making the necessary lifestyle changes at a pace that they can accommodate.

Tone & Slim is available at Whelehan’s Pharmacy, Pearse Street, Mullingar. A private clinic with a Tone & Slim consultant is free. For your appointment, ring Ann at (044 ) 9348337.


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