Only 100 study days remaining!

The countdown to the Junior and Leaving Certificate has begun, with just 100 days remaining for students sitting their State exams this summer.

The exams, which kick off with English paper one on Wednesday June 9, play a vital role for those looking to continue their studies into higher and further education and, in these difficult times, getting good results and a good education is more important than ever.

But students need not stress as online examination, correction, and feedback site,, offers some important revision advice and tools to students in the lead up to the exams. top five tips on revision for Leaving and Junior Cert students:

1. Allocate a certain time every evening and weekend for studying. Make sure that your study is effective by making notes. Your notes should summarise the topic you have just studied. Leading up to the exams, you can break these notes down to bullet points on flash cards for quick revision.

2. Test yourself, without notes, by answering a past exam question on the topic you have just studied.

3. Once you have completed a topic, that does not mean you should not go back and revise it again. You should repeatedly test yourself on the topic as repetition will improve your memory which is key to exam success.

4. Be confident that you know the structure of each paper and allocate a certain time to each section of the paper, allowing time to look over your paper when completed. Practise and make sure you have assigned enough time to each.

5. It is very important to ensure you get enough exercise when you are studying – healthy body equals healthy mind. Exercise releases endorphins which make us feel happy, and the happier we feel the easier it is to concentrate and study. Also, make sure to get enough sleep – if you are sleep-deprived you will not be able to concentrate properly. Have a balanced diet and make sure you are getting all the required vitamins, making sure to eat plenty of Omega 3 fish oils and drink plenty of water.

For more advice for Junior and Leaving Certificate students and to get better results by practising your exam technique in advance, log onto



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