Jail avoided after compensation is paid

A woman who broke a neighbour’s window and shoplifted an accordion had an 11 month prison sentence suspended for two years in the District Court this week (January 20 ) after the judge heard she had paid compensation on both counts.

Elizabeth O’Neill (36 ), from Meadowbrook, Willow Park, Athlone was in court to answer the criminal damage charge, having been already convicted of the musical theft on November 4.

The court heard how O’Neill had broken a window in her next-door neighbour’s house last March 4.

“There had been some previous but it has calmed down,” said her solicitor, Mr Mark Cooney.

Inspector Ciaran Keyes for the prosecution agreed with this.

After hearing O’Neill had paid compensation to her neighbours for the damage, he convicted her of the criminal damage and fined her €250.

The second conviction facing O’Neill, an 11 month sentence hanging over her since she was found guilty last November of stealing the €360 instrument from Rochforts in Mullingar on July 18, 2008, was suspended after the court heard how she had made restitution to the full amount.


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