Jasango theatre’s debut is a bombshell

Jasango Theatre brings its play Bombshells, a wild and passionate comedy by Joanna Murray-Smith, featuring Angela Ryan and Jasmin Finn and directed by George B Miller to the Passionfruit Theatre, Athlon.

Bombshells is a rip-roaring, explosive, and hilarious evening spent with several generations of women on the edge. From the fame-seeking teenager to the frenetic young mother to the simmering widow and the exultant, terrified bride, these women will surprise and delight you in this series of vivid monologues.

In keeping with Jasango’s commitment to collaboration, this production showcases smart, haunting music by the Go Away Birds, and the evocative artwork of painter Sueanne O’Halloran.

Jasango Theatre was founded by Galway theatre artists Angela Ryan and Jasmin Finn this past spring as a collaborative, multi-disciplinary company, bringing together musicians, visual artists and theatre practitioners to create fresh, multi-dimensional theatrical events.

“Everyone knows one of the women you’ll meet in Bombshells”, says actor/producer Angela Ryan “maybe a friend, a sister, best friend, an aunt, or maybe themselves!”

Jasango Theatre’s Bombshells comes to the Passionfruit Theatre, Athlone on Friday January 22. For more information log on to www.passionfruittheatre.com


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