Mullingar hospital is improving efficiency - HSE

The HSE has rejected reports that it is closing 41 beds in the Midland Regional Hospital, Mullingar, following suggestions that some senior doctors at the hospital believe the facility is unsafe.

Last Thursday the HSE closed 25 emergency beds at the hospital, bringing to 41 the number of beds closed since the start of the summer. However, the HSE says that because it is opening a number of day beds, the hospital will actually be able to treat more people next year than it did this year.

“It is not correct to say that the hospital is closing 41 beds. While there is a net reduction in the overall bed complement of 21 beds, the increase in day beds from 11 to 24 will actually mean that Mullingar Hospital will treat more patients in 2010 than it treated in 2009,” said a HSE spokesperson.

“The increased day beds will mean that both elective general surgery and elective gynaecology surgery will be protected."

The HSE statement also pointed out that the HSE Service Plan 2009 places particular emphasis on converting inpatient care beds to day beds. “In essence, this is what is happening in Mullingar and is achievable now because they are moving to a state of the art facility. The hospital is regarded as one of the most efficient in the country and this will further improve its ability to deliver services in an efficient and effective manner.”


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