Athlone business to share success story at seminar

Athlone-based company, Solano Tech, is to share its business story at a seminar to be held in Galway later this month.

Private investors, on the look-out for equity opportunities in fledgling companies in the Border, Midlands and West (BMW ) region, have been invited to attend the high-powered seminar, entitled ‘Private Equity Opportunities in Early-stage Companies’, to take place in Galway on November 23.

Solano Tech is one of four early-stage businesses which will tell their stories and outline how they are optimistic for the future, offering a valuable insight into the nature of innovation in the BMW region today.

The seminar aims to explore early-stage equity opportunities for ‘business angels’. In the USA, ‘business angels’ provide more equity to early-stage business than venture capitalists, and now a major push is underway to promote a similar model here.

At the seminar, the Halo Business Angel Partnership will outline how would-be investors can get involved in high-potential new companies, through investing funds and also contributing their invaluable business acumen. The theme of the seminar will be ‘Success, Ambition and Opportunity’.

“For people who would like to invest money and expertise, the prospect of getting involved with a high-potential early-stage company holds a lot of attractions,” explained Gerry Mackey of the Halo Business Angel Partnership.

“They get access to ambitious, early-stage companies with strong growth potential. It gives them an opportunity to use their vast and varied business experience to assist those companies reach their full development potential.

“Our experience in the Halo Business Angel Partnership is that there is a strong cohort of people out there who have money, time, and expertise to invest. But they must first be convinced of the suitability of an early-stage company, and our task is to make suitable matches, so to speak.”

Minister for Labour Affairs Dara Calleary will open the seminar in the Ardilaun Hotel, Galway, on Monday, November 23 (2-4.30pm ).

Anyone would like to attend the seminar should contact Gerry Mackey on [email protected].



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