From there to hair — Galway woman’s midlands brand gets stronger

People have often asked what MOHH means……

It was a simple idea thirteen years ago when Maeve O’Healy-Harte moved her business to Athlone. She wanted to create a new brand name that was simple, not already ‘out there’, not likely to be copied and that could grow into an instantly recognisable quality brand name in the Midlands and eventually nationwide.

So what could be simpler than the four initials of her name? MOHH?

Currently President of the World Hairdressing Organisation (OMC ) for Western Europe, Maeve O’Healy-Harte is at the very forefront of the world hair industry and she works tirelessly to promote the creative talent, passion and skill of Irish hairdressers. Unassuming and modest in her nature, she has transformed the image and reputation of the Irish hairdressing industry, and has led teams of Irish hairdressers to great success on the European and World hairdressing stages.

A native of Galway City and graduate of the National University of Ireland - Galway (Diploma in World Class Manufacturing and B.A. Degree in Education and Training ), Maeve has achieved the highest hairdressing training credentials with City&Guilds which also includes the prestigious Medal for Excellence Award.

The MOHH Hairdressing Training Academy in Athlone is a superb learning environment of 5000sq ft. This centre of education and innovation offers a flexible curriculum and a wide choice of courses, seminars and workshops.

Renowned for always making time to motivate and inspire others in the industry she has been awarded accolades that are unparalleled in this country, including Irish Hairdresser of the Year, Champion of all Irish Champions, and the highest honour of inclusion in the Hall of Fame and Hall of Leaders as an Irish Icon within her industry.

Maeve’s talent, vision and never-ending enthusiasm have also taken her from ‘behind the salon chair’ to some of the largest hairdressing arenas in the world such as Moscow, Seoul, Rio, Las Vegas, Chicago, Helsinki, Paris and Milan, as manager of Team Ireland.

The team have achieved outstanding success at these events, proving that Irish hairdressing, with skilful direction, can match the best the world has to offer.

Together with Michael, her husband of 25 years, they make a formidable team. Michael’s main focus is the MOHH Publishing section which now comprises six titles, two of which are translated into 4 languages with world-wide distribution to 65 countries. Nationally the Irish Hairdresser magazine is the number trade publication and was established by Maeve in 1997.

With a huge array of accolades, achievements and a lifetime of success, Maeve is currently working on a novel project which will have worldwide interest …. watch this space.


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