Specialist wig stylist at MOHH

Cancer is affecting an increasing number of people in Ireland, and hair loss is a well-documented side effect of cancer treatments.

Inspired by personal experiences with close friends, award-winning hair stylist Maeve O’Healy-Harte of MOHH Salons and Academy in Athlone has been cutting and styling wigs for the past 15 years, and has completed advanced wig cutting and styling courses (the concept of ‘My New Hair’ ) with the legendary Trevor Sorbie in London.

‘My New Hair’ aims to contribute significant ‘psychological medicine’ for a person experiencing medical-related hair loss. For many men and women this is a critical issue that hugely affects confidence and self-esteem amid the tumultuous challenges of serious illness.

With the facility of her private VIP room at MOHH at Arcadia Centre Athlone, Maeve specialises in helping those affected by hair loss. A client will receive a respectful, compassionate, and professional consultation, tailored to their individual needs.

She will advise the client on the choice of wig for their face shape, the right colour tone for their skin, and the differences between purchasing a real hair wig or a synthetic wig. The emphasis will be on selecting the right solution for the client, and making sure that the client is as satisfied as possible, acknowledging that there is no substitute for one’s own ‘crowning glory’.

If the client has started chemotherapy and his/her hair is ready to ‘fall’, Maeve will help the client through that necessary haircut with the dignity and professionalism that the client deserves.

Maeve also advises on the care and maintenance of the wig in the home setting, such as correct brushing, cleaning, and storage of the wig.

Another important service provided at MOHH is that Maeve will style a wig for a client on a regular basis, during and after medical treatments, for special occasions or functions so that the client continues to feel confident that their ‘new hair’ looks well and stays feeling fresh.

Maeve will also set out a new hair plan when the client’s hair is re-growing and at its most delicate state.

If a client is already wearing a wig that doesn’t feel quite right for them, Maeve will cut and style it so that it is personalised to the client’s requirements. A lot of wigs have too much hair attached, sometimes with over 40 per cent of unnecessary hair that can be taken away. The result will be a lighter, more comfortable and more easily maintained wig.

Wigs do not restrain or impede natural new hair growth and it is almost impossible to distinguish many wigs from real hair. Some wigs are incredibly light and comfortable, and allow the scalp skin to breathe.

For a private and confidential consultation contact Maeve at MOHH Salon. Arcadia Centre, Athlone. An appointment is necessary to ensure privacy. Tel (090 ) 6476166.



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