Estee Lauder introduces Sensuous Gold

Inspired by the ease and sensuality of the season’s fashions and the timeless elegance, confidence, warmth and luminosity of today’s woman, Estee Lauder has created Sensuous Gold - a uniquely feminine, luxurious new colour collection for autumn 2009.

Using soft nuances of colour with rich tints and tones, Sensuous Gold gently brings out an inner radiance and reveals the softer side of every woman. Skin is luminous, warm, and radiant in a soft veil of golden tones. Eyes are delicately defined in soft shades of golden amber and peach accented by rich, regal amethyst. Lips are luxuriously dressed in sateen finishes of coppery nudes and supple plums. Sensuous Gold creates a look that is at once sophisticated, luxurious, and naturally feminine.

For sheer radiance for your face, new Estee Lauder Signature 5-Tone Shimmer Powder for Eyes, Cheeks, Face has a unique wave-like tablet design of five beautifully sheer, iridescent shades combined in one luxurious, signature navy blue compact. The luxurious, silky powders can be used alone on eyes and cheeks for precise colour and highlighting or can be blended together for a soft, luminous glow on face, shoulders and décolletage.

Estee Lauder’s new Gilded Rose Marbleized Shimmer Powder is a luxurious handcrafted face powder of illuminating rose gold tones that shimmer like precious minerals. Silky, smooth, and luminous, the powder is appropriate for all skintones and comes encased in a luxurious rose golden boudoir powder box with a specially designed half moon brush for perfect application.

And for eyes, create a feminine and romantic look with soft, silky gold tones complemented by beautifully rich plum shades.

Whether it is a soft, subtle look or more dramatic effect you wish to achieve, Estee Lauder’s new Signature Eyeshadow Quads make it easy, enabling you to mix, match and blend each of the four eyeshadow tablets to expertly create the look you want.

Complete the Sensuous Gold look with Pure Color Multi-Shimmer Lip Gloss and keep nails perfectly polished in new limited edition shades of Rose Gold and Black Amethyst.

New limited edition Sensuous Gold Colour Collection is available at McGorisks Pharmacy, Athlone.



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