Modern drama treat for the Athlone Little Theatre stage

Athlone Little Theatre’s first play of the season is new to Ireland and a modern theatre treat that will resonate with audiences living in a digital age where social media is all consuming and internet slang is commonplace.

Four Minutes Twelve Seconds by James Fritz, which graces the intimate stage setting until October 25, brings us on a compelling journey to expose the challenges and pitfalls of living in a digital era where truth and trust fall victim to a world where nothing dies online, except reputations.

Di (Fiona Scerri ) and David (John McGlynn ) are a south London couple who have worked hard to give their son Jack, who is the ‘apple of their eye’, all opportunities they never had. One day, Jack, now 17, comes home from school with a bloodied shirt. What trouble has Jack gotten himself into, and how are Di and David going to deal with it?

Directed by Joe MacCarrick, Fritz’s thought provoking script is as topical today as it was when it was premiered in Hampstead Theatre in 2014. It’s a compelling drama where perceptions and sympathies constantly shift as the script reveals layer after layer, almost like an unfolding psychological thriller. In the digital world, the audience learns that people we love may not always be who we think they are.

Athlone Little Theatre newcomer Luke Hickey plays Nick, Jack’s friend in the four-hander, and the pivotal role of Cara, Jack’s girlfriend, is portrayed by Emma O’Kane.

A fine cast is ably assisted by a fantastic backstage crew – Michelle Kelly is stage manager, set design is by Ekiñe Azcarate, with set construction by Tom O’Neill and Anthony Merrigan.

Paddy Martin and John Allen look after lighting and sound, the props coordinator is Bróna McCormack with Dara Lenihan the backstage assistant.

Please be advised there are adult themes in this play and it is not suitable for children under 12.

Book your ticket for the remaining performances on or via Eventbrite.


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