When less is more - the high price of overzealous hair transplantation

When researching hair transplant clinics, it’s important for individuals to educate themselves about the procedure, potential risks, and realistic outcomes.

One significant risk to inquire about is over-harvesting the donor area, where an excessive number of hair grafts are extracted. This can result in uneven hair growth, scarring, and a limited number of follicles for future procedures.

Understanding this risk is especially important when considering clinics that boast about transplanting large numbers of grafts, such as 5000. It’s essential to ascertain whether these grafts are single-haired or double-haired and how the clinic ensures accurate assessment. Additionally, patients should be informed about the potential need for SMP (scalp micropigmentation ) to address any issues arising from over-harvesting.

At Tir na nÓg Clinic, Dr Kevin McDonald prioritises addressing concerns related to over-harvesting and other minor risks associated with hair transplant surgery. The clinic’s mission is to provide comprehensive knowledge and establish realistic expectations for patients. Dr Kevin takes a holistic approach, considering each patient’s unique circumstances to ensure optimal results that enhance the overall quality and appearance of their hair.

By equipping themselves with knowledge, asking relevant questions, and understanding the risks involved, individuals can make informed decisions about hair transplant surgery. It is crucial to be aware of potential risks such as over-harvesting the donor area and choose a clinic that prioritises patient well-being and long-term outcomes.

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