Epic fundraising kayak challenge ‘The Rising’ visits Athlone Boat Club

Athlone Boat Club members are pictured with Bressie and club president, Paul Donovan

Athlone Boat Club members are pictured with Bressie and club president, Paul Donovan


An epic fundraising kayak challenge, ‘The Rising’, the brainchild of Niall Breslin aka Bressie, momentarily paused at the Athlone Boat Club clubhouse on Saturday morning where the renowned musician and podcast host was welcomed by a large gathering of members and junior rowers.

Bressie’s initiative aims to raise funds for ‘A Lust For Life’, the multi-award winning charity that uses content, campaigns and events to facilitate young people to be effective guardians of their own mind - and to be the leaders that drive society towards a better future.

Starting his 300km journey on June 30, Bressie and his kayak colleagues took time out from their exertions to address those present in the Athlone Boat Club clubhouse about mental health and the continuous need to afford full support to the cause in the current climate.

A row for future minds

‘The Rising’ is more than just a fundraising challenge for Breslin.

“It is a metaphor for life really. We all encounter rough parts of life, and while it’s not always easy, with the right tools and skills, navigating through these stormy times becomes less daunting.

“Our school programmes aim to do exactly that - equip the children of Ireland with the necessary skills and tools to cope with life’s challenges, and that work has to begin now. We know the power of early intervention models of care,” Bressie stated.

The challenge concludes today (Thursday, July 6 ) when Bressie and his kayaking colleagues arrive into Limerick City at King John’s Castle.


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