IPPM continues to offer affordable solution to pelvic floor problems

IPPM, founded by Aoife Ni Eochaidh, Chartered Physiotherapist, Clinical Specialist in women’s and men’s health is providing an affordable solution for incontinence and other pelvic conditions for mothers.

Pelvic floor muscle tone is a really important function in managing pregnancy, the post-natal period and menopause and its impact on body and functions. It’s best to act in time with pelvic floor muscle training for mothers. Pelvic floor muscle conditions which are treatable with Pelvic Floor Muscle Training include urinary incontinence, prolapse bowel issues. anal incontinence and constipation, sexual and erectile dysfunction.

A total of 50% of mothers have pelvic organ prolapse, even if they have had a C-Section and many are unaware that they have it! As part of IPPM’s growth plan, Aoife is partnering with companies globally to provide these Home Pelvic Routines online as well as providing in person and online one-to-one pelvic physiotherapy sessions from her practice in Suite 16, Bon Secours Consultant Clinic, Renmore, Galway.

Aoife is already partnered with 104 outlets, including Meagher’s Pharmacy, University Pharmacy Galway, Rochford Pharmacy Clare and Weldrick’s Pharmacy in the UK and Spectrum Health, the largest chain of private physiotherapy clinics in Ireland, to provide Home Pelvic Routine worldwide for new mothers and some not so new mothers!

It is never too late to begin pelvic floor muscle training! Aoife has worked as a specialist pelvic floor physiotherapist for the past 25 years and has designed Home Pelvic Routines as a solution based on the best evidence and her vast experience.

All you need is an email address to access the Home Pelvic Routines for only €70. A friendly IPPM physiotherapist will be at the end of the phone if you need any help. Many mothers don’t actually even have an appointment with Aoife, they go straight to the Home Routines, without the need for an internal examination. Aoife has designed the exercises in the right order to ensure even the weakest person can do them,get the results and be confident that they are doing them correctly!

Please visit www.ippm.ie for further information, email [email protected] or phone 087 3469491 to make an appointment with Aoife today!


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