Changing the mindset of the recreational runner


Having recently recorded a lot of podcasts and taking questions from a lot of ‘recreational runners’, one thing that struck me was the need for a slight change in mindset.

First, let me tell you how I define a ‘recreational runner’ - someone who isn’t professional or running at a national level but still goes out every week and trains consistently and is trying to do their best. So, 97 per cent of us.

When I talk about change of mindset, I am not talking about giving a motivational speech to do more or push yourself harder. Far from it. What I am talking about is getting the most out of the time and effort you put into your training. By changing the mindset described below you will see much better results for the exact amount of time you put into your training.

The mindset that needs to be changed is this: You deserve the best. You are putting in valuable time and effort into your training but some of us are not getting the most out of this time.

Remember it takes no more time to do the right training as the wrong training.

When talking on podcasts about certain training philosophies it became apparent that a lot of us think that certain training tools are only for elite athletes. For example, most runners never seek to get a lactate test done. This is not because they can’t afford it. It is not because they don’t think it would be beneficial. It is because they think things like this are only reserved for elite athletes. Some of us wouldn’t do a sports Pilates session each week. Again, it is not because we don’t think it would be beneficial or help us feel better. It is because we think, “At my level I don’t think I need to do that”.

We take less than optimal results from training because we don’t seek out what might be best for us. If you are putting your trainers on and getting out for a run, then you deserve the best results. You are doing the hard bit.

There is no need to settle.

Repeat this mantra to yourself; “I deserve the best from the effort I put in”.

That is step 1. Changing the mindset to think, “I deserve to get my best results”. The things that can help you massively do not cost the earth any more and are readily available.

A lactate test costs about €100/200. Our Pilates programme includes comprehensive sample training programmes that you could follow without taking any more time to complete than your current training.

Don’t settle for just jogging around, feeling stiff and sore, and not getting the maximum out of your time and effort.

Start thinking, “What are the things out there that can help me?” You would be surprised what you will find, but it starts with allowing yourself to get the best. I hope this helps.

If you are interested in a lactate test just email me at [email protected] and I can try to recommend in your area.


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