Ulster Bank reminds Athlone customers to choose new current and deposit account financial providers

As the first groups of customers to receive their notice letter/emails reach the halfway point in their notice period, Ulster Bank’s new campaign is reminding customers in Athlone and its immediate environs to consider their options sooner rather than later and take steps to open a new account/switch provider for their current and deposit accounts and to visit the branch in Mardyke Street for additional support, should they need it.

Ulster Bank’s latest campaign to encourage customers to act when they receive their letter/email is now live across television, radio and print. In tandem with this, Ulster Bank plans to write to credit card customers in September to give them six months’ notice to take action on their credit card accounts as after this point, their card will no longer work.

Ulster Bank’s new campaign to encourage customers to take action and to remind them that Ulster Bank’s phased withdrawal is progressing is live and Ulster Bank’s customer-facing colleagues are focused on outreach to customers and dealing directly with customers to assist them as they move their accounts.

While customers can close their accounts themselves through the bank’s app and other channels, Ulster Bank understands that many customers will choose to keep their account open during their period of transition to a new provider.

For most customers, six months should be more than adequate time to take action and have their new current account up and running. Some customers may have individual circumstances that mean they need additional help and staff at the Mardyke Street branch continue to have conversations with customers who may fall into that category now and over the past months, so that they are encouraged and supported during this transition.

If any customer feels like they need more help, please drop into the Ulster Bank branch in Mardyke Street or call 0818 210 260 for assistance. Ulster Bank also has a dedicated phone line for customers who have vulnerabilities on 1800 656 001.


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