Duo of ‘Memories of the Big House’ and ‘The Blacksmith of Moydrum’ to screen at Tuar Ard

Moydrum Castle

Moydrum Castle

As part of National Heritage Week 2022, Westmeath Heritage Office will screen ‘Memories of the Big House’ and ‘The Blacksmith of Moydrum’ in Tuar Ard Arts Centre, Moate on Friday August 19, at 7pm.

‘Memories of the Big House’ is a series of three short films featuring interviews with people who have family memories of, and connections to, the Big Houses of Westmeath. Exploring life in and around the Big Houses, the films focus on the years 1916–1923.

Part one – ‘A last Taste of Luxury’ explores life inside the Big House, particularly under the stairs and looking at those who worked there. Part Two – ‘The World Changes’ explores the beginning of the end of the dominance of the Big House and growth of new jobs and opportunities outside domestic service. Part Three – ‘A Different Country’ looks at the end of the Big House and covers agitation and incidents of the IRA in the various houses.

‘The Blacksmith of Moydrum’ is a short film about the Hatton family who were Blacksmiths to Lord Castlemaine of Moydrum Castle. The trade of blacksmithing was passed down the generations and the family forge remains intact – you can see it in action in the film.

Producers and some of the contributors to the films will be in attendance on the night to discuss their works. Refreshments will be served.

Admission to this screening is free.


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