FRS Recruitment seeking all ‘home truths’ about County Westmeath

FRS Recruitment is calling on people in Westmeath to share their ‘Home Truths’ about the county for a new campaign aimed at the Irish abroad who might be considering moving back home.

Whether it’s where does the best coffee in Moate, what the traffic is like in Athlone during rush hour, where’s good to go for a walk in Kinnegad or how easy is it to secure accommodation in Mullingar, they are aiming to provide insights you simply can’t find without local knowledge.

The ‘Home Truths’ will be shared online through FRS Recruitment’s social channels, and some will also feature within new videos which will be broadcast during GAA matches to members of the Irish abroad, as part of FRS Recruitment’s partnership with GAAGO.

To take part all people need to do is submit an insight/home truth about their local area at

Over the course of their partnership with the GAAGO, FRS Recruitment has consistently promoted the idea of returning home to live to the Irish abroad. They have been highlighting the fantastic opportunities available in this country to those who might be considering making a move.

FRS Recruitment is also behind the ‘free flights home’ initiative, whereby they will pay for the flight home of any candidate living abroad who they place in a new role.

“Over the last few years, what we’ve noticed is that when people are considering moving home to Westmeath or another part of the country, what they are invariably looking for is information that you can’t simply find on Google. They want to understand what it’s really like to live in Athlone or Mullingar and many of their queries come down to the type of practical insight that only locals can share.

“At FRS Recruitment we have always prided ourselves on always going that one step further, which is why we are bringing these Home Truths to the Irish abroad. So now they can learn all about the different potential locations to live in Westmeath whether they are in San Francisco or Sydney, New York or New Zealand, Riyadh or Rome. Thanks to these Home Truths they can have local knowledge at their fingertips, even when conducting research while on the other side of the world,” Lynne McCormack, General Manager of FRS Recruitment said.


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